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Slim ... finally!

You want to solve your weight problem permanently? You want to feel comfortable in your body and regain a sportive joy and fun in movement?

With a qualified, structured weight loss program, it is not difficult to lose 2-3 kilos per week and to maintain your desired weight in the long run. With professional support you will be able reprogram your eating behavior to a healthy diet in a four-phase process. By supplementarily eating a ketogenic, protein-rich diet you will discover how, with simultaneous muscle buildup, fat will melt away. This concept prevents the well-known yo-yo effect.

Our therapeutic concept

Holistic Diet Consulting

The concept consists of a holistic medical check and a mental test to identify typical patterns of disordered eating behavior.
After defining the results and objectives, the road to successful weight loss can be taken.
The individual diet and nutrition counseling can be supplemented if necessary with mental coaching. Psychological factors such as motivation, self-esteem and body awareness secure the success of your diet and help you toward a long-term maintainance of your ideal weight.
Additionally, we regularly offer courses for small groups. Current dates are available on request.

The concept includes
  • Individual diet planning
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Bioimpendance measurement
  • Holistic medical check
  • Mental check
  • Motivation Hypnosis
  • Movement Therapy
  • Body Shaping to prevent wrinkles
  • Mental Coaching
  • Metabolic optimization
  • VNS stress analysis

Many health insurance companies offer a (partial) refund.

Dr. Brigitte Karner

"This is the first diet that really convinced me as a nutritional physician who is principally critical of dieting.“

Dr. Brigitte Karner

Half of all women and children, and three quarters of all men in Germany are overweight. The increase in nutrition-related diseases is increasing continuously and massively limits your quality of life and sense of well-being. The loss of mobility is paid for dearly with loss of health and vitality.

Make an appointment; we can help you competently and holistically.

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